English language




The sun, the sea, new friends, fun adventure, exciting excursions. What else is needed for a long remembered holiday? In our camp it can be not only interesting and exciting, but also useful.

Why shouldn’t  your child attend a short summer English course in our camp? Three times a week your child in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere will remember or learn how to introduce himself or herself, order food, ask for prices, buy a souvenir, describe his daily routine, etc.

He or she will be able to say a funny poem, sing a cheerful song or be a participant in the performance.

Older children in an entertaining form will get acquainted with grammatical structures, make a dialogue on a social topic or widen their knowledge about the country of the spoken language.

Classes are conducted by experienced teachers with extensive teaching experience.

Classes are conducted by experienced teachers.

The child will have 6 classes, two hours each and will be given a Certificate of attendance.